The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

A Bigger Bag's a Bother

Listen to Attie's poem ...
My schoolbag's really heavy
Mum says it weighs a ton
I've got my books and bottle
and a painting that I've done ...
... and Georgia Parker's jumper
and Matthew Barnham's shoe
and Thomas White's certificate
and Jonathan's kazoo
and Charlie Main's packed lunch box
and a pencil that I took
and Rosie Barr's PE shorts
and Arjun's library book
and Freddie Robson's homework
and Lucy's cricket bat
and Rana's favourite ruler
and Mr Thompson's hat
and Kyle McMillan's chocolate
and Robin Taylor's sock
and a cuddly cow - I don't know how
and a yellow building block
I thought about a bigger bag
to fit in all my kit
but I've realised it's much easier
if Mum just carries it!

About the Writer

Attie Lime

Attie writes and performs poetry for children, and owns a poetry parrot called Marjorie. Attie's first collection for children will be published by Otter-Barry Books in 2025.