The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

A Caterpillar's Life

Chew and crunch and munch and grow…
A caterpillar is a pro.
Eat and chomp! He stuffs his face.
A leafless stalk remains in place.

Now he’s fat and needs to rest.
He’s got to let his food digest.
A chrysalis is his cocoon
hiding him from sun and moon.

All cozy warm in his reprieve
and all wrapped up in nature’s sleeve,
he sleeps for days inside the case,
while tucked within its restful space.

When he awakes, he will be changed,
equipped with wings and rearranged.
He’ll wriggle free, a butterfly.
And just like that, he’ll flutter by.

About the Writer

Michelle S Kennedy

Michelle is an American children’s picture book writer and poet, wife, mother, and interior decorator. She is a local liaison for SCBWI, a member of 12x12 Picture Book Challenge and Making Room for Rhyme Writer’s Group. She is a 2022, PB Party Finalist and her poetry for children has won several honorable mentions in various contests, including the 2022, ‘50 Precious Words Contest’. She lives in Georgia in the United States with her family, cat and a handful of hermit crabs and is currently querying agents for representation of her work.