The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

A Penny For Your Snorts

Gloves for the mermaids
Sloppy kisses for the frogs
Sirens for late sleepers
And a penny for your snorts

Marmalade for the Martians
Three cheers for fish and chips
A blurt for big red buses
And a penny for your snorts

Slippers for the salamanders
Earrings for the ducks
Biscuits for the blabbermouths
And a penny for your snorts

Petunias for the tough guys
A pillow for your thoughts
A skeleton for the jellyfish
And a penny for your snorts

About the Writer

Alan J Wright

Alan is an educational consultant, author and poet with extensive experience having worked to improve the teaching of literacy throughout Australia and in the United States. His book–Igniting Writing- When a Teachers Writes (Hawker Brownlow) has been well received. In 2022, Alan delivered The Annual Donald Graves Address at the ALEA National Conference. He's published three poetry anthologies for young readers since 2014 and recently contributed to two international poetry anthologies. ‘Imperfect II –Poems For Middle Schoolers’ and ‘Ten: Ten –A Poetry Anthology.’