The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

A Welcome Mat For Hedgehogs

My home is where the hedgehog hides
in cabbage leaves, and besides
I’ve placed a wooden box and crate -
with straw, beside the garden gate.

His twitching nose he pushes in
to where the moss is green and thin
then search for snails and garden slugs
beneath my pots and plants and trugs.

He scurries where the sparrow feeds
to nibble fat and barley seeds

but freezes when he hears a noise -
his ‘safety’ measure most employed -
then scurries to a safer place
with twitching, prickly, pointy face.

He is your friend, remember that,
so make your lawn a Welcome mat
by feeding him on cans of meat
and make his tummy feel replete.

About the Writer

Fran Bridger

Fran has been writing poetry for many years. She lives in the countryside surrounded by moors, wild animals and struggling farmers. Within her poetry she tries to capture something of the "thinness of nature, the overpowering beauty of it, as well as raise awareness to the damage that is done every day by an uncaring society". Fran sees poetry as an important campaigner for Nature.