The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


Seawater slips through my freshly washed hair,
tickling my skin is the crisp morning air.
Feeling the pull of the waves’ strong embrace,
my worries escape to a whole other place.

Dolphins jump hoops as they head out to sea,
huddling together they’re happy and free.
Not far behind them the seals dance along,
back to the rocks where their offspring belong.

I rest on the sand looking up at the view,
the sky is a palette of amber and blue.
Seagulls soar high as they flit through the sky,
Goodness how lucky am I!

About the Writer

Victoria Konya

Victoria is an aspiring children’s writer from Melbourne who loves playing with words. She loves to write rhyming stories and poems for children featuring nature, animals and family adventures. She has completed courses at the Australian Writers’ Centre including ‘Writing Picture Books’ and ‘Writing Picture Books Masterclass’. She is a member of SCBWI and various online writing groups including ‘the Versealots’.