The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Bear Beyond Compare

A fluffy cuddly teddy bear
In a fast red sleek sports car
As a Scalextric track driving superstar

Put the paw on the accelerator
Car roars into action greater
Faster, faster, faster!

World a blur
Feel it in the fur
Cause a stir!

Too swift, too quick
Too speedy, too hasty
Too rapid, too soon

Flies off the track on the curve
Through the air, don’t lose your nerve!
Higher, higher, hold on to your verve!

So nearly out of this place
Teddy bear almost reaches space
Far away from the race

Lands with a bump
And a whirr
And a jump

Still zooms at high-speed
But no longer in Scalextric land
Not holding back you understand

The open carpet
Stretches before the bear
They can be anyone, go anywhere

A world to explore and have some fun
One paw after another he won’t be outdone
The bear’s new life has just begun

As a living room driving superstar
In a fast red sleek sports car
A fluffy cuddly teddy bear.

Peter Devonald

About the Writer

Peter Devonald

Peter lives in Manchester UK where he contributes to Stockport/ Manchester Post, Culture Supplement and poet in residence Haus-a-rest. Winner Waltham Forest Poetry 2022, Heart Of Heatons Poetry 2023 & 2021, joint winner FofHCS Poetry Award 2023, Forward Prize nomination 2023 and two Best Of The Net nominations 2024. Widely published and anthologised. Won 50+ film awards, former senior judge/ mentor Peter Ustinov Awards (iemmys) and Children’s Bafta nominated.