The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Because I was asked to write The Great Canadian Sonnet

Listen to Jay reading his poem ...
It flows from true north forests – strong and free,
That perfect golden gift we get to eat.
The reason Beaver gnaws on maple tree
Is proof enough to claim that love is sweet.
But first, in spring a drip in bucket lies.
Laurent le fait bouillier dans une cabane à sucre.
He breathes the sugared vapour as it flies,
Reducing sap to amber, goopy gook
That tastes like God himself would be impressed
If angels put the glorious goo to use.
Drizzle it on bacon – that’s the best
When you’re sitting down to breakfast with a moose.
Now, slather syrup on my hands (and thick!)
It helps me grip my favourite hockey stick.

About the Writer

Jay Brazeau

Jay Brazeau is an emerging Ottawa-based poet who resides on the outer edge of imagination – a world where cats sport houndstooth jackets, chickens sell eggs and a pigeon’s pockets are packed with popcorn. His poems have appeared in various anthologies, print editions and online magazines as well as in the public art project WHAT YOU’D NEVER EXPECT A BEAR TO WEAR (and Other Ironic Outfits)