The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Belly Butterflies

Listen to Helen ...
When I get so worried my belly whirls,
I’ve discovered it helps to think
that the flittering, flapping flutters
are butterflies, gold and pink,

on a springtime spree inside of me
as they fly from bloom to bloom.
First they pause to sip nectar in the sun,
then they zig and zag and zoom.

If you get so stressed your belly flips,
here is something you might try:
Why not picture each jitter inside you
as a bright-winged butterfly?

About the Writer

Helen Kemp Zax

Helen Kemp Zax loves to write poetry, especially poems that rhyme. She was thrilled to be selected co-winner of the 2021 YorkMix International Children’s Poetry Prize, the 2018 MG Katherine Paterson Prize winner, and a 2019 Finalist. Her poetry appears in many wonderful children’s poetry anthologies like Chasing Clouds and in many magazines like The Caterpillar. Helen lives in Washington, D. C. with her husband and their crazy Aussie-doodle Huckleberry Finn.