The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Boxing Day

Only 364 days to go!
I’m so excited!
I can’t sleep!

Only 364 days to go!
I’m so excited!
I’m counting Santa’s sheep
To help me get to sleep.

Then I remember
Santa doesn’t have any sheep!

Only 364 days to go!
I’m so excited
Because I’m going to buy
Santa some sheep!

Then I remember
The sheep shop shopkeeper
Is on holiday
For the holidays!

Only 364 days to go!
I wonder if the goat shop is open!
Santa might like a goat
Instead of a sheep!

Only 364 days to go!
Maybe reindeer and goats
Don’t get on.
Would reindeer and sheep
Get on any better
Than sheep and -

Only 363 days to go!

I fell asleep.

About the Writer

Rob Walton

Rob Walton is a writer, performer and teacher from Scunthorpe who lives in Whitley Bay, where he writes poetry and fiction for children and adults. His poetry for children has been published by The Toy Press, Tyger Tyger, Parakeet and The Dirigible Balloon, and features in anthologies from Macmillan, Bloomsbury, The Emma Press and others.