The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Brick by Brick

Brick by brick,
stack and haul –
building up a
great big wall.

I’m all alone …
safe inside my
brick and stone.

Over there
my neighbors shout:
“Your wall’s too tall!
It keeps us out!”

My brand-new plan:
I cannot wait.
I will make a
great big gate.

About the Writer

Christy Mihaly

Christy writes poems and books, mostly for young people. Her poems have been published in magazines and anthologies including Highlights and The Bee Is Not Afraid of Me (Emma Press). She particularly loves nonfiction and has written more than thirty books, both rhyming and not. Her recent picture books include Patience, Patches!; Barefoot Books Water: A Deep Dive of Discovery; and Hey, Hey, Hay! (A Tale of Bales and the Machines That Make Them). Christy lives in Vermont, where she writes overlooking hayfields, forests and mountains.