The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


Have Midwinter Holiday, not Christmas Day;
take Christ out of Christmas, I heard people say.

Celebrate Winterfest, celebrate snow,
enjoy frosty nights, with cold cheeks all aglow.

Dream of plum pudding and sweet gingerbread,
of sleigh bells and reindeer and tinsel instead.

Eat cookies and candy, send cards in the post;
play games, see a pantomime, visit the coast.

Hang holly wreaths, pine cones and plump mistletoe;
dress up as an elf or take part in a show.

Take Christ out of Christmas? If that’s what you choose,
then angels and shepherds can’t bring the Good News!

About the Writer

Rhona Stephens

Rhona grew up in Northern Ireland, went to university in Wales, moved to England for a while, then headed north of the border to live in Scotland. She loves words and music, living in the country and visiting the coast - especially the north coast of Ireland.