The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Come and Join the Earth Revolution

Don’t take our children’s tomorrows
Their rainforests, coastlines, hedgerows
Please allow them the fragrance of flowers
To draw up inside their tiny nose

Preserve our great hillsides and moorlands
The fairytale valleys and peaks
Leave them the magic filled woodlands
For their fun games of hide and go seek

The right to go dancing in sunbeams
The magic of climbing big trees
No-one has the right to deprive them
of the indents of grass on their knees
One less of our fields is too many
STAND-UP!….Don’t allow them to take
Not one more highland or lowland
Not one more river or lake

Live a life not of greed nor of hoarding
Think about each decision you make
You're a long way towards the solution
When enough’s the amount that you take

Don’t fill up the pockets of progress
Deny them the money to grow
Be a part of
Leave your children the wonders you’ve known.

About the Writer

Sarah King

Sarah lives in Pembrokeshire in Wales. She is a teacher, therapist, poet, writer, giggler, mother, grandmother to Percy Jackson (it's true, really!) Likes people, words, animals and the planet.