The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Cow Pat Splats!

Listen to Val ...
When you see a cow pat
Splattered in a field
I bet you never think about
The food that splat might yield!

Underneath the cow pat
A world of wonder lies.
Where spiders, worms and beetles
Eat eggs laid by the flies.

And if that sounds revolting
And you hate the look and smell,
We fertilise our veg with dung,
And splats make bricks as well.

So, when you screw your nose up,
And step across that pat,
Remember that to someone
It’s a very useful splat!

About the Writer

Val Harris

Val lives near Farnham with a horse and husband and several grandchildren living nearby, who like to mark her poems out of ten. She used to write for adults, but decided she much preferred writing poetry for children, after her debut poem was published online with The Dirigible Balloon in 2021. Since then, several others have appeared on various balloon flights, and she has had poems published in The Caterpillar Magazine, Paperbound Magazine, The Toy Press and Little Thoughts Press. You can find her as Val Poet on Instagram and @dragontripper Val Poet on Twitter.