The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Do Not Badger The Badger

If you try you can outfox a fox
If you train you’ll be strong as an ox
But please do not badger the badger
Although we all know that he rocks

You can hog all the hedge that you like
Swim wildly and fast with a pike
But please do not badger the badger
He’ll tell you to go take a hike

As to him you smell more than you think
You whiff like a skunk, yes you stink
So please do not badger the badger
Or he’ll head to his sett in a blink

About the Writer

Paul Jenkins

Paul is a poet born in the humble county of Essex but now based in Lancashire. He's the author of ‘The Bottom Burps Trilogy’ and ‘Doodles from my Noodle’. He writes poetry for children and tours the UK running workshops for all who love wordy nonsense. When Paul isn't poeting, he also works with Empathy Lab on their schools programme and for Rossendale Radio as a presenter. He's a busy chap.