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Poetry for Children

Dog in the Playground

Listen to Alex read his poem ...
A dog got in the playground
Mr Jones was so allergic
That he sneezed up his tomato soup
All over Mrs Birkett.

The dog got in the dinner hall
And ate a plastic tray,
Two spoons, a fork, an ice cream bowl
And half a Crème Brûlée.

The dog attacked the football pitch
And made the nets all holey.
It bit the ball and scored a goal
And knocked over the goalie.

The dog went in the staffroom
And made itself a cuppa.
It tipped the contents out the bin
And ate Miss Foster's supper.

The dog had finally stopped its run,
a tired and worn out creature.
Its owner smiled and stroked its back
"Come on," said the Headteacher.

About the Writer

Alex Price

Alex is a Primary Teacher and father of two, living in St Helens, England. He has a degree in creative writing from LJMU and writes humorous children's poetry inspired by his job and his family. When Alex isn't writing, he can be found rock climbing or being climbed on by his children.