The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Dot to Dot

I have the dreadful chicken pox,
Oh what a sight to see.
I don’t want to be a chicken though,
I just want to be me.
I’m very, very itchy,
But not allowed to scratch.
I can’t go to birthday parties
Or even walk the dog.
I’m stuck inside for ever,
I’m like a speckled frog.
I tried a sticky oatmeal bath;
It didn’t help one jot,
So I’ll take a stubby pencil
and practice dot to dot!

About the Writer

Nannie Shakespeare

Nannie (AKA Gillian Winn) is a semi-retired ex-nurse who has used her spare time to embrace creative writing including poetry. She enjoys featuring the natural world and animals in her work and is keen to raise awareness of social and climate issues. The sobriquet 'Nannie Shakespeare' was invented by Gill's grand daughter.