The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Doughnuts with Dad

We all went to the bakery
to choose some sticky buns,
a father on a Sunday
with his sticky little sons.

A doughnut or a chocolate roll?
A jam or custard tart?
I had to do a So-Excited-

The people in the queue looked round,
I pointed at Dad’s head.
We came out with our doughnuts.
‘Happy Fathers’ Day,’ I said.

About the Writer

Martha Lightfoot

Martha Lightfoot is a children's book illustrator, who also writes and makes Interesting Things. She lives in a little hill town with her husband, three children and a cat. She loves rainy days, drawing outside in sketchbooks and the colour green. She illustrated several picture books before realising that she wanted to write too, which changed everything ...