The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Elliot's Laces

Elliot’s laces are slippery strings
that refuse to stay taut on his shoe.
At first they look right when he tugs the loops tight
then they wriggle and slowly undo.

Laces a flap he meanders and skips,
but Elliot won’t trip or fall.
His talent is dodging the laces dislodging.
Untied makes no difference at all.

About the Writer

Elenore Byrne

Elenore writes poetry and picture books for children. She is a member of SCBWI and is published in Bridgit Magee's 10.10 Poetry Anthology. Prior to writing, she worked with children as a Clinical Psychologist in New Zealand. She lives in a village in Zurich, Switzerland with her husband and 3 children. When she is not writing she is trying to keep up with her busy family.