The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Everyday Discovery

Put the TV onto mute and make up your own words,
Go to bed straight from school and get up with the birds,
Paint a picture upside down, try a whole new look,
Hop, skip, jump into town, choose an offbeat book.

Have dessert before your dinner, have breakfast for your tea,
Discover a whole range of ways to live life differently.
No need to trek the jungle or zoom off into Space
If you’re alive to the adventure that’s right there in your face.

About the Writer

Rhiannon Oliver

Rhiannon is an actress, poet, workshop facilitator and playgroup leader based in Cardiff. She started writing for children in 2021 and has been published in The Caterpillar, Tyger Tyger, The Toy, The Dirigible Balloon, Northern Gravy, Paperbound, Little Thoughts Press, Parakeet, Buzgaga, and Launchpad (Australia). She has publications forthcoming in multiple anthologies. She has also written and created performance videos for The Big Welsh Rhyme Time (Book Trust Cymru) and her poetry has appeared on TV (Only Boys Aloud Christmas Concert, S4C). She is part of Literature Wales' Representing Wales 2023 scheme and is currently developing her first collection for children which explores Mental Health and Well-being.