The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Housefly Holiday

Come fly with us, at ‘Inside Tours’
You’ll love our tempting range of doors:

An office, shop or bungalow?
There’s such a choice—where will you go?

A tiny flat? A swimming pool?
Or new this year: the primary school!

There’s BUZZ about the options here—
BOOK NOW—before the wasps appear!

Do endless circuits round the class!
Enjoy exclusive ‘headbutt’ glass!

Zoom back and forth and left and right
then settle briefly out of sight,

We’ve super ceilings for a rest—
Our lightbulbs are the very best!

We’ve gorgeous views of ‘back outside’—
Ignore the windows opened wide!

Want sticky juice? A sandwich crumb?
Our ‘spillage’ meals will fill your tum!

Our games include ‘Pretend you’re dead,
then whizz right past a teacher’s head!’

Distract the children every day!
Our rates are LOW—you’ll want to stay!

So, fly on down—and tell your friends—
at ‘Inside Tours’ fun never ends!

About the Writer

Sarah Ziman

Sarah is originally from Wales, now living in Hertfordshire. She prefers to write poetry for children, though thinks that the best poems can be enjoyed by people of all ages. She has twice been highly commended in The Caterpillar Poetry Prize, and won first prize in the 2021 YorkMix Poems for Children Competition. Her work has appeared in The Best Ever Book of Funny Poems published by Macmillan, various magazines and websites.