The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

I Believe in Magic

Do you believe in magic?
Is there really such a thing?
Perhaps it’s all pretend,
Like a puppet on a string.

I’ve thought about this long and hard,
But a decision I’ve now made.
I believe there’s magic all around.
It was never meant to fade.

I believe there’s magic in a hug or kind words from a friend.
When we pass along good feelings, there’s no beginning and no end.

I believe there’s magic in the rainbow,
In the colors of the sky.
Magic on a clear, dark night with stars that shoot on by.

Magic in the fluffy snow that settles on the trees.
Magic in the ease I feel from a warming summer breeze.

Magic in a moving song, movie, show or book.
I do believe it’s everywhere, if we just remember to look.

To look to nature; look inside.
Look to our neighbor; look far and wide.

I feel the magic all around, in what we see and do.
In what we say and what we feel - the magic of me and you.

About the Writer

Sandra Whiting

Sandra is a mom of two, kids’ yoga instructor and middle/high school Speech-Language Pathologist. She has always been drawn to poetry and began penning poems as a child. At the age of 35, Sandra has finally decided to share her poems with the World. It is her hope that other children will find some meaning or connection to her words, and perhaps, foster a love of poetry themselves.