The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

I Cry

Listen to Jonathan ...
I cry for no reason, no reason at all,
I cry when I’m hurt after taking a fall,
I cry when I stub all my toes on the bin,
I cry when I lose, I cry when I win,
I cry when I’m sad, I cry when I laugh,
I cry in my bed and I cry in the bath.
Some days I cry lots, some days I just don’t,
Some days I admit it, some days I just won’t.
It’s healthy to cry, but I think it’s worth stating,
Crying this much can be so dehydrating.

About the Writer

Jonathan Sellars

Jonathan lives in Greenwich, England. He is severely obsessed with writing poems, primarily ones that rhyme. His work has featured in The Caterpillar and Parakeet magazine and his first picture book, Polly Plum: Brave Adventurer, comes out in Spring 2022. He has two small children, neither of whom can read or write poetry. He's not worried about that. Yet.