The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

I Love to Write, but …

Listen to Fi read her poem ...
I’ve got an idea that I want to write down
but I’m starting to worry my teacher might frown
if she sees that my writing is missing some stuff.
So, what is the point if it’s not good enough?

What if my words do not have enough wow?
What if my adverbs don’t have enough how?
What if my commas are in the wrong place?
What if my letters are in the wrong case?

I might mix up spellings, get metaphors wrong,
or start off my sentence with something not-strong.
I might leave out full stops and keep writing ‘and’,
or want to use ‘nice’ when I know that it’s banned.

The times I have worked and then through my mind hunted,
to find an adverbial then make sure it’s fronted!
I have an idea but I can’t make it fit.
If I can’t get it right, then I might as well quit.

About the Writer

Fi Calvert

Fi is a primary school teacher by day and a poet by night. She had two poems commended in the YorkMix Poems for Children Competition 2021 and has had a poem about a tardigrade published in The Caterpillar. She loves to write poetry for children in the hope they might relate, laugh or both. Her favourite poems to write are inspired by funny or grumpy things her children say.