The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

I'd Like ...

I’d like to be a caterpillar
Tight in my cocoon
I’d like to be a butterfly
I’d fly off to the moon
I’d like to be a tadpole
Wrapped in froggy jelly
I’d like to be a bullfrog
Croaking from my belly

I’d like to be rabbit
Hiding in the grass
I’d like to be a hedgehog
And watch the traffic pass
I’d like to be a fox
I’d be all sly and cunning
I’d go into the forest
And spend my evenings running

If I was in the ocean
I’d be a great white shark
Or I’d be a giant squid
Lurking in the dark
I’d like to be a seahorse
Bobbing in the waves
Or I could be a hermit crab
Hiding in the caves

I’d like to be all kinds of things
These thoughts whirl round my head
But mum says I’m a sleepy girl
And need to go to bed

About the Writer

Jack Wheeler

Jack used to do standup comedy as a hobby but found it difficult to write new jokes during the pandemic lockdowns. Looking for a creative outlet he turned to poetry and is learning to play the ukulele. Jack is also interested in starting beekeeping.