The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

In My Autumn Palace

I step outside and feel a gentle breeze.
The sun shines down upon my face,
And floating down are golden leaves
That crown my hair, my hands, my face.

Just last week, the leaves were green
Now, they’re orange, yellow and red.
Each a jewel fit for kings and queens,
In their dazzling glow, I lift my head

And breathe in the royal color and light.
They smell like the bark, waving goodbye,
Until next spring, when they will reunite.
Then, I amass a pile, round and high,

Fall back, and look up at the sky so blue,
Listen to the crackle, rustle and crunch,
Feel the stems tickle, poke and scratch too,
Then take a nap there until it's time for lunch!

About the Writer

Courtney Messenbaugh

Courtney is a writer who lives in Colorado with three children, two silly dogs and one husband. She’s had poetry appear in places such as Yellow Arrow, Lavender Bones, and Feral and humor writing appear in places such as The Belladonna Comedy, Frazzled, and Little Old Lady Comedy. She likes toast, kindness and laughing.