The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Jennifer Grouch

Jennifer Grouch was a creature of spite
who nibbled and stung with astonishing might.
If any a predator entered the fray,
they left unimpressed at becoming the prey.

Neighbour and enemy fully deterred,
she gloated all night that dominion was hers.
Bitterly fought over, bitterly won;
queen of a populace numbering none.

Triumph got tedious by the weekend;
she wondered what it would be like to have friends,
struggled to picture the dubious scene,
collapsed on the floor and proceeded to dream ...

Jennifer's flying high,
in sync with the birds in a custard sky.
Jennifer's making swoops,
conversing in pigeon and looping loops.

Jennifer's piercing space,
Alpha Centauri is quite the place.
Jennifer's travelling time,
'Be with you yesterday evening at nine.'

Jennifer wakes, the sunshine above,
lifted by hopes, a curious love,
knows at the back, where once was a sting,
lie colourful, delicate butterfly wings.

About the Writer

Lawrence Moore

Lawrence has been writing poems - some silly, some serious - since childhood. He lives in Portsmouth, England with his husband Matt and nine mostly well behaved cats. He has poetry published at, among others, Dreich, Pink Plastic House, Fevers of the Mind, Sarasvati and The Madrigal.