The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Jessica Spider

Inquisitive Jessica Spider
always started her day
with a yawn and a stretch
of her eight slender legs
and a juicy fly breakfast buffet.

Inquisitive Jessica Spider
liked to know what was what:
if the wind could play games
with a bird or a bee,
and the best way to open a nut.

Inquisitive Jessica Spider
spotted something below:
just a sweet little girl
with a bowl and a spoon,
and a cap that was tied with a bow.

Inquisitive Jessica Spider
dropped a good length of silk,
and she swung gently down
like a leaf on the breeze
and she landed right there in the milk!

Inquisitive Jessica Spider
only wanted to show
that a spider can learn
and she wants to make friends—
but the rest of the story you know.

Inquisitive Jessica Spider
crawled away with a sigh,
and the spoon and the bowl
and the tuffet and all
lay discarded there under the sky.

About the Writer

Christine Pennylegion

Christine has lived in and around Toronto, Ottawa, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Windsor. She holds a BA(Hons) in English from the University of Toronto and an MAR from Trinity School for Ministry. Read more at