The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Morning Walks in Utah

Pink sand and sunrise
walking a wide, deep canyon
ancient walls striped and pocketed
sunset orange giants
designed, decorated
by wind and water
moving, changing with earth’s
once sand, now stone
commanding attention
against dense blue skies.
We climb and caress
a tiny rock here
marks on a stone there
let a handful of pink sand
run through visiting fingers

Near the end of our walk
we hear the land whisper,
echoes from rocks and towers,
canyons and caves
dust and sand:
Don’t take a tiny stone or large
Don’t take a speck of sand
Please leave my flowers and plants and trees
for this is sacred land.

We tread lightly on the pink sand path
sunrise warming us
reminding us
of our place in this world.

About the Writer

Carol Coven Grannick

Carol Coven Grannick's short fiction and poetry for children has appeared in Cricket, Ladybug, Babybug, Highlights, and Hello. Her middle grade novel in verse, Reeni's Turn, debuted in September of 2020 from Fitzroy Books/Regal House Publishing. Her poetry for adults appears/is forthcoming in multiple print and online venues, most recently including Capsule Stories, The Birmingham Arts Journal, West Texas Review, and The Write City Review (Chicago Writers Association).