The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Mr Mole

Mr Mole is quite at home as he tunnels in his loam,
Casting everything adrift in his earnest soil shift,
Front paws spread with vicious claws,
Munching with his mighty jaws,
Velvet nose with pinky tip,
Pinprick eyes and silken lip,
He burrows seeking for his prey,
At the ending of the day,
Wriggly worm and beetle black,
You had better mind your back!

About the Writer

Nannie Shakespeare

Nannie (AKA Gillian Winn) is a semi-retired ex-nurse who has used her spare time to embrace creative writing including poetry. She enjoys featuring the natural world and animals in her work and is keen to raise awareness of social and climate issues. The sobriquet 'Nannie Shakespeare' was invented by Gill's grand daughter.