The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

My New School

Here is a wonderful poem ... there is Attie reading it.
Here, I have to get the bus
There, I used to walk
Here, nobody speaks to me
There, we used to talk
Here, I don’t know any names
There, I knew them all
Here, I am a littlie
There, I was ten feet tall
Here, I don’t know where to sit
There, I had my place
Here, I’m always at the back
There, I won the race
Here, I don’t know where to go
There, it was easy as pie
Here, I feel like a stranger
There, I was one of the guys
Here, I’m getting on with it
There, it was a blast
Here, I’m putting my brave face on
There, is in the past.

About the Writer

Attie Lime

Attie writes and performs poetry for children, and owns a poetry parrot called Marjorie. Attie's first collection for children will be published by Otter-Barry Books in 2025.