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My Pets

Listen to My Pets by Lisa Allen ...
I’ve got a pet potato,
I think I’ll call him Pete.
He rolls around the kitchen
Cos he hasn’t any feet.

I’ve got a pet green apple,
I think I’ll call her Sue.
She hangs around the fruit bowl
‘Til she’s almost turned to goo.

I’ve got a pet banana,
I think I’ll call him Stan.
He doesn’t move about much,
He’s really got no plan.

I’ve got a small pet onion,
I think I’ll call her Joan.
She tends to smell peculiar
And won’t talk on the phone.

I’ve got a cute pet kiwi,
I think I’ll call him Dave.
He’s rather green and bristly,
I think he needs a shave.

Mum ate my pets for dinner ...

Maybe I’ll get a cat.

About the Writer

Lisa Allen

Lisa Allen lives in Liverpool with her husband, two mini bookworms and a perpetually hungry black cat. In a past life, she was a business journalist, but more recently enjoyed a brief stint as a college librarian. Her MG fiction and poetry usually features baked goods, comedy and mythical, magical mayhem. She is represented by Amberley Lowis at The Viney Agency. Twitter: @Bozzle