The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

My Pineapple Party Dress.

On holiday and whenever I feel sad,
I wear my fluorescent yellow and green pineapple patterned dress.
I remember the red frills and the sparkly sequins on the pineapple appliqu├ęs.
It makes me think of dance, a summertime picnic, white sand-covered beaches, flower festivals, colourful confetti, my hula hoops that twirl, and party streamers.
But what I love most is that it was a gift made just for me by my aunt, who when on holiday we had come to see.

Back home and whenever I feel happy,
I help my granddad, working in his garden.
He cares for the greenhouse, and he tends to the orchard.
There's the hills and green grass for us to run around and play, a vegetable patch to learn to grow, a farm, fields, and a stable all nearby.
It's time for games and adventure, and it is time for something new to play.
But what I miss the most are the times when my cousin could always visit and stay.

There is now a party in the orchard, and my cousin is on the telephone. Perhaps, I can wear my pineapple party dress more once before I am back to school.

About the Writer

Kay Medway

Kay works full-time in libraries and enjoys both reading and writing poetry in all of her free time. She has had poetry featured in a positive news local community zine called The Happy Hood. Kay has also written poetry regarding her family history stories for 60 Miles by Road or Rail in her local community.