The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

My Smart Phone

My smartphone made me miss my bus,
I heard it drive away.
My eyes were focused on its screen,
and not my classmate’s wave.

My smartphone made my best friend mad,
“We never talk,” she said.
I’d tried to beat my previous score,
and then she walked away.

My smartphone made my hot lunch cold,
the fries were barely warm.
I took one bite, the lunch bell rang,
my stomach growled all day.

My smartphone dropped into the pool,
forgot to put it down.
It wasn’t really all that smart,
I sadly have to say.

About the Writer

Kay Miller

Kay Miller resides in Westlake, Ohio near the shores of Lake Erie. She began writing later in life after her children were grown. She is published in Capsule Stories Winter 2021 Edition. Kay enjoys writing poetry, prose, and is currently working on a cozy mystery. When she’s not writing, she can be found exploring new hiking trails in northeastern Ohio with her husband and two adult children.