The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Not a Tiger, Please

Good morning, postie, have you got a package just for me?
I sent a letter to my gran who lives across the sea.
I’ve been waiting for her answer, but she hasn’t written yet,
I wrote last week to ask her, please, to send a little pet.

A kitten or a hamster, or perhaps a little mouse,
Anything much larger wouldn’t fit inside our house.
I hope it’s not a tiger, that would make a giant mess,
I’d have to ask to keep it and my mum would NOT say yes!

Tell me, postie, please, because I can’t wait here all day,
I’ll need to buy some pet food and some toys so we can play,
And if it is a tiger, kindly leave it on the mat,
I’ll send it back to granny and request a little cat.

About the Writer

Pamela Jones

Pamela lives in Melbourne Australia. She writes stories and poetry for children and homeschools her two sons. Her poetry has appeared in The NSW School Magazine and The Australian Children’s Poetry website. Her debut picture book will be published in 2023.