The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Ode to Teeth

Listen to Lisa ...
I’ve got a lot of teeth,
I count them every day.
This one here’s called Kevin,
The next one’s Mr Grey.

Last Tuesday Bob fell out,
I lost him down the drain.
I hope he heard me shouting
And comes back home again.

Some of them are wobbly,
I’m scared they’ll leave me too.
The bigger ones are knobbly
My favourite one is Sue.

Pointy ones are awesome,
I've called mine Jeff and Bart.
They’ll bite you if you let them.
I can’t tell them apart.

Teeth are not for taking.
The tooth fairy is banned.
I’m keeping Sam and Byron,
And Timothy and Xand

My dad says they’ll fall out,
I’ll lose them one by one.
But if I keep my mouth shut
Mmm mm-mm mmm.

About the Writer

Lisa Allen

Lisa Allen lives in Liverpool with her husband, two mini bookworms and a perpetually hungry black cat. In a past life, she was a business journalist, but more recently enjoyed a brief stint as a college librarian. Her MG fiction and poetry usually features baked goods, comedy and mythical, magical mayhem. She is represented by Amberley Lowis at The Viney Agency. Twitter: @Bozzle