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Poetry for Children

Pop the Ferret!

Listen to Jane reading her poem ...
Mr Baker had a ferret.
He used to feed it corn and millet,
crackers, nuts and bits of chocolate,
honey puffs straight from the packet,
on a Friday, salmon fillet,
Sunday lunch, a piece of brisket,
bedtimes, half a chocolate biscuit,
(he liked to watch the ferret nibble it).
Summer evenings, watching cricket,
he tucked it safely in his jacket,
fed it lumps of pomegranate.
Once he thought he'd gone and lost it,
found it in a cornflake packet.
The box was empty, Ferret ate it.

Mr Baker had a ferret.
Did he call it Fred, or Hubert,
Simon, Geoff or maybe Robert,
Nipper, Ripper, Jaws or Albert?
He called it POP!!

About the Writer

Jane Lovell

Jane Lovell is an award-winning British writer whose work focuses on our relationship with the planet and its wildlife. She has been widely published in journals and anthologies both in the UK and US and has recently won the Ginkgo Prize and the Rialto/RSPB Nature & Place Competition. Her essays have been published in Elementum Journal, Dark Mountain and The Clearing. The God of Lost Ways and This Tilting Earth are her latest eco-poetry publications. More information can be found at