The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Rainbow Soup

Diced tomatoes, juicy red
Very soon we’ll all be fed
Chopped zucchini, leafy greens
Pour in cannellini beans
Add a dash of golden curry
Getting hungry; hurry, hurry
Boiling broth and pasta yellow
Not too spicy, pretty mellow
Add some orange carrots, too
Stir it with a spoon of blue
Scoop it from the purple pot
Let it simmer; careful, hot!
Broth is ready, mixture’s right
Tasty rainbows, every bite

About the Writer

Karla Kane

Karla is an award-winning writer, editor and musician based in California. Best known as the leader of the indie-pop band The Corner Laughers, she lives with her family in the San Francisco Bay Area and holds BA and MA degrees in anthropology. She loves oak trees, ancient history, indoor cats, cozy cups of tea, public libraries and playing make believe.