The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Registration Rap

Listen to the poem ...
Teacher took the register
I didn't hear a word
Cus Henrietta Carlton
Kept on tweeting like a bird
And someone else in next door's class
Was banging on the wall
And Kenny Haines had bumped his head
Because he was too tall
Josie Smith on table 2
Was slicing up a rubber
And Oliver had lost his pen
He soon began to blubber
Lollee had the hiccups
Bernie had a cough
Jacob's chair was squeaking
And the fire alarm went off
Bobby next to Mrs Green
Kept blowing me a kiss
I took a guess it was my turn
And said "Good Morning Miss!"

About the Writer

Alex Price

Alex is a Primary Teacher and father of two, living in St Helens, England. He has a degree in creative writing from LJMU and writes humorous children's poetry inspired by his job and his family. When Alex isn't writing, he can be found rock climbing or being climbed on by his children.