The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Sensory Overload

Some days are just not quite right,
My clothes are too itchy and my shoes are too tight,
Socks feel weird, so do my gloves and my hat,
Everything's too "this" and everything's too "that",
There are too many sounds both high and low,
Things are either too warm or colder than snow,
Textures are strange and it makes my teeth hurt,
My attention is both distracted and highly alert,
Hugs are too huggy and kisses are gross,
But don't leave me alone (just don't get too close).
Lights are blindingly bright and all things smell icky,
Some people say I'm being fussy and picky,
But that's not right either as this is just me,
Sometimes my senses get overwhelmed you see.
So please don't stare if I act different from you,
This is how I cope and it's just what I do.
It might seem a bit odd, but I'm happy as a clam,
I'm excited to be me and proud of who I am.

About the Writer

Jacoby Crane

Jacoby is an eccentric artist living in Derbyshire. They spend their time baking, making peculiar things, doodling doodles and writing oddities, currently they're focusing on poetry and working on a children's fantasy novel called Lumi. Jacoby's inspiration mostly comes from their unusual dreams and the weirdly wonderful things their kids quote, but their muse comes in the forms of Neil Gaiman and Chris Riddell.