The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Silk Spinner

Listen to Rebecca ...
In the corner of the room you see the fine net,
Watch as I create strands to keep afloat,
Threads across the gulf, capturing my dinner,
I am a web crafter, silvery silk spinner.

From side to side,
Faintly glowing in the morning light,
Across the boughs of trees you see my strands shimmer,
I am a web crafter, silvery silk spinner.

Find me in corners, on shelves, or in shoes,
I’ll rid you of flies that will pester and annoy,
Do not brush me away, as I am no fear bringer,
I am a web crafter, silvery silk spinner

About the Writer

Rebecca Simpson Hargreaves

Rebecca Simpson-Hargreaves is a Lecturer in Education at the University of Manchester where she spends time helping teachers get over their fear of poetry. Her ‘In Conversation with..’ teaching poetry webinar can be found on the United Kingdom Literacy Association’s YouTube site and she has written for the Children’s Poetry Summit. Rebecca gets most of her inspiration when walking her dog Apollo in the countryside. She also loves researching weird and historical poetry forms. Her twitter is @RS_Hargreaves.