The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Some Kids

Some kids do not care about blue clothes, or pink.
Some kids do not care what the neighbors might think.
Some kids dress fancy, at other times not.
They wear what feels good in the cold, or the hot.

Their parents remember the babies they were,
they see them as kids, not as "him," or as "her."
For not every person is a girl, or a boy.
Each is unique in the things they enjoy.

And what's in your underwear might not agree,
with what others tell you they think you should be.
Only you know exactly how you feel inside,
so, love who you are and embrace it with pride.

We all are quite different, like rocks on the beach,
each special stone has a new story to teach.
Like infinite colors, or fish in the sea,
only you can be you, and only I can be me.

About the Writer

Dayle Olson

Dayle’s poems are inspired by watching birds and animals near the river town of Cathlamet, Washington. She recently was invited to read one of her poems at a Poetry Competition in Felixstowe, England. She likes to wear old-fashioned hats and have friends over for tea and biscuits. When she’s not being bossed around by two cats, Kitty and Town Crier, she enjoys drawing pictures with her grandchildren.