The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children


We’re stuck in a jam!
This wasn’t the plan.
We’re colourful ants in a queue.

There’s no turning back!
We’ve run out of snacks
and everyone now needs the loo.

We’ve been here so long,
we’ve sung every song
and we’ve told every joke that we know.

“Oh, hang on a sec!”,
cries mum, straining her neck
“That car in front’s started to go!”

Hip, hip hooray!
We’re back on our way,
elated the waiting is through.

Mum says the plan,
as soon as we can,
is to stop for the loo and a brew!

About the Writer

Fi Calvert

Fi is a primary school teacher by day and a poet by night. She had two poems commended in the YorkMix Poems for Children Competition 2021 and has had a poem about a tardigrade published in The Caterpillar. She loves to write poetry for children in the hope they might relate, laugh or both. Her favourite poems to write are inspired by funny or grumpy things her children say.