The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Chrissmass Ssnake

Dear Chrisstmass
No one thinkss of me at thiss time of year. It’s all ssheep and reindeer, no ssnakess. Just think what a perfect guesst I would make. I could be a twirly hat or a coil on the mat. I could lie on the sstairs and sscare ssilly bears. I could be a wreath on the door or a bow on the wall. I could make fluffy toys wheeze. Pop balloons with a ssqueeze. I could hide in a sshoe. Eat an apple or two. I could hisss in the cake and make everyone sshake. Just think how usseful I could be wound around the Chrisstmass Tree. I could pop up at the top with my face peeping out. A change from the fairy who would pout like a ssprout.
Please ponder my ssuggestions and ask any questions.
Emmanuel Ssamuel Ssnake

About the Writer

Christine R Milne

Christine is a poet who loves writing haiku. Some of them have been published in journals and anthologies. Luckily other poems pop into her head. Most of them are for children which is not surprising as she enjoys being a teacher and a mother. Also, creating poems that connect with a child’s view of the world is really special. This is helped by her favourite hobby, trying not to eat too much chocolate.