The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

Ten Fingers, One Piano

Soaring, sliding, flitting, gliding.
Fingers dance across the keys,
playing with a gentle ease.
Tapping, trilling, skipping, thrilling,
‘til the crowd cheers “Encore, please!”

Previously published in 10.10 Poetry Anthology: Celebrating 10 in 10 different ways (2021, wee words for wee ones)

About the Writer

Susan Johnston Taylor

Susan Johnston Taylor is author of the STEM poetry collection Animals in Surprising Shades: Poems About Earth’s Colorful Creatures, which releases March 28, 2023 with Gnome Road Publishing. She’s also written nonfiction articles for kids and teens in magazines including Cicada Magazine, Dramatics Magazine, FACES, Highlights for Children, Relate Magazine and Scout Life.