The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Beatles (talking about music with your gran)

Listen to Lesley read her poem ...
Grandma? Is The Beatles a thing?
Grandad told me they were some sort of band.
Is he having me on? But he taught me this song:
‘She loves you, yeah yeah yeah!
She loves you, yeah yeah yeah!’
And he said, who in their right senses
Would name themselves after creepy crawlies?
Oooh now, Aiden, that’s a good question.
But they spelled it B-E-A-T as in rhythm
Like a drum beat, you know, percussion.
And The Beatles really were a sensation.

You mean like K Pop?
K Pop? Isn’t that a breakfast cereal?
But if I had a band, grandma, I’d call it something phenomenal
Like Aiden and the Ants
Or The Spiders… ‘The Spiders from Mars’ rocks.
Or something huge and scary like … Zombies …
Or Tyrannosaurus Rex.

About the Writer

Lesley James

Lesley writes for young people and less young people. Many of her stories and poems for children are set in Lesley’s Garden, where a cast of birds, beasts and minibeasts live. She loves playing with words - rhythms, rhymes, tongue-twisters - and telling real tales. Nothing is more funny, thrilling or entertaining than the real life you can see from your own window.