The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Biggest Tree

Every year
My sis and me
Play "Who can spot the biggest tree?"
And "Which house has the brightest lights?"
To guide sweet Santa through dark nights
We sit inside
And warm our hands
And laugh and talk of all our plans
Of what we'd do, if we should see
The biggest and most dazzling tree
We'd climb right up
We'd touch the stars
And from up there we won't be far
From all the hopes and all the dreams
As Santa, with his reindeer teams
Comes dashing, dashing, overhead
While children tucked up in their beds
Sleep tight, just like my sis and me
And dream about the biggest tree

About the Writer

Alex Price

Alex is a Primary Teacher and father of two, living in St Helens, England. He has a degree in creative writing from LJMU and writes humorous children's poetry inspired by his job and his family. When Alex isn't writing, he can be found rock climbing or being climbed on by his children.