The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Case of the Pea Green Boat

(After Edward Lear)

Took a missing persons call
about a fowl and a feline.
Went to investigate where the bong tree grows.
Found a pig without a ring in its nose,
and a shilling in its possession.
Questioned a turkey on the hill.
Found evidence of an eaten meal
and some kind of spoon.
Located a pea green boat on the beach.
except for an old guitar
and some honey.
The night was bright,
with a full moon,
but no sign of a fowl or a feline.
Case closed.

About the Writer

Graham Seal

Once upon a time Graham Seal won the high school poetry prize – probably because he had more poems in the school magazine than anyone else. Since then he’s continued writing books, articles, songs and poems, many published, many yet to be.