The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Coolest Cat in Town

We picked up our new cat today
But found out pretty soon.
She didn’t like “normal” things, like cat toys or balloons.

We thought she’d sit and cuddle
But to our great surprise.
She karate-kicked right off the couch with anger in her eyes.

The next day after that,
Meows became “hi-yahs!”
She started punching pillows like a boxer but with paws.

It took some getting used to,
A cat who likes to box -
But now I think a fighting cat absolutely rocks.

About the Writer

Sandra Whiting

Sandra is a mom of two, kids’ yoga instructor and middle/high school Speech-Language Pathologist. She has always been drawn to poetry and began penning poems as a child. At the age of 35, Sandra has finally decided to share her poems with the World. It is her hope that other children will find some meaning or connection to her words, and perhaps, foster a love of poetry themselves.