The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Corvid Queen

I have the greatest group of friends; they visit every day
We give each other little gifts; we frolic and we play
My BFFs are wonderful; so clever, wild and free
We hang out in the garden, in the grass or up a tree
They bring me little trinkets, sparkly treasures left behind
I offer snacks and sometimes small surprises that I find
Don’t speak each other’s language but it really doesn’t matter
Communicating perfectly, we dance and laugh and chatter
I call their movements graceful and their voices loud and strong
(Although you might not choose them as the singers for your song)
My buddies have the coolest style; there’s always time to preen
I’m out with them so often now I’m called the corvid queen
We’re like birds of a feather and the whole neighborhood knows
that I’m the lucky kid who’s been befriended by the crows

About the Writer

Karla Kane

Karla is an award-winning writer, editor and musician based in California. Best known as the leader of the indie-pop band The Corner Laughers, she lives with her family in the San Francisco Bay Area and holds BA and MA degrees in anthropology. She loves oak trees, ancient history, indoor cats, cozy cups of tea, public libraries and playing make believe.