The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

The Hatted Gecko

Listen to Karen read ...
I met a leopard gecko
who owned a lot of hats.
One looked like a fedora
but with drawn-out little rats.

Another was made of candy
with Reese’s in the middle
but it you saw it from the side
it looked like an old fiddle.

His favorite was the blue one,
which he wore every Monday,
but he once forgot to wash it
and it got stained with sundae.

He used to own a pink one
and a fancy black top hat
but both of those got stolen
by a pesky little cat.

If you ever need advice
when getting ready for a date,
go pay his house a visit,
he’ll be waiting by the gate.

And if you see him on the street,
feel free to stop on by.
He’ll likely try to show you
the world’s largest hat supply!

About the Writer

Karen Gonzalez-Videla

Karen is an Argentinian writer living in Florida. She writes for all ages, but enjoys writing for children the most. She’s usually hiding among the animals and plants and finds them much nicer than people. Twitter @Gv12Karen Website